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My first jtli transliteration

Before start using jtli to generate html pages, I would like to introduce you Transliteration. Word transliteration means mapping from one system of writing into another, word by word, or ideally letter by letter. Transliteration is not a high funda concept, it is normally what we use to write in day to day life or advertisements we see on television or roadside. In simple terms we commonly write T.V (Television) in our language. for example we write "SUN TV" in tamil as "சன் டிவி". hey... I think now its familliar :).

jtli (Java Transliterator) uses same concept to generate html pages. When I was started developing webpage in tamil I found it very difficult to develope and run it on internet due to lot of issues with file format, keyboard and formatting. jtli is to address these issues by simplifying and removing the task of mapping letters in keyboard to type our language and leave that task to computer. Currently it is under testing for tamil version, need volunteers to test its compatibility for languages Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu. if you are intrested to contribute writ to me author@tamilcoder.com

ok.. lets stop talking.. lets start how to use this api to generate webpages. I am taking example of generating tamil webpage which I am familliar and comfortable with...

Lets go step by step

  • Download and install JRE 5.0 in machine
  • Download jtli java API and Unzip the content and place it in folder
  • Open platform.xml from jtli using any text editor and modify key's
  • Modify key com.jtli.file.source.path in platform.xml and point to source directory path (ie. english version of the html)
  • Modify key com.jtli.file.target.path in platform.xml and point to target directory path (ie. finally where the generated html files to be strored)
  • run jar file using command java -jar jtli.jar
  • Once the java program completes its operation, you can see the generated content in target directory path.

Still lot more to play with using platform.xml, lets see in my next blog

Sample Html

<TITLE>thamizh kOdar</TITLE>
<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="EditPlus">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="">
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="">
<p> <a href="http://www.google.com" alt="kUkul" class="tamil"> ammaa</a> AnGkilaththukku "Nigaraana" thamizh <i>choRkaL</i> aRiya <b>inGku</b> ezhuthunGkaL. <br/>
<TABLE cellpadding="2" border="1"> <TR>
<TD><IMG SRC="/images/logo.gif" WIDTH="121" HEIGHT="22" BORDER="0" ALT="ichai"></TD>

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